Youngia japonica [Asteraceae]

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Scientific Name Youngia japonica USDA PLANTS Symbol YOJA
Common Name Oriental False Hawksbeard ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 38704
Family Asteraceae (Sunflower) SEINet
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Description Habitat: Widely distributed in southern and eastern US; disturbed sites, waste places, roadsides, lawns, etc.
Plant: Erect annual, single somewhat hairy stem up to 2 feet tall.
Leaves: Mostly basal, mainly lyrate or obovate or elliptic in outline, pinnately-lobed, with petioles 1/2 to 4 inches long; overall length up to 6+ inches; veined with main veins sunken on upper surface and raised on lower surface; may be smooth or hairy.
Inflorescence: Corymbs or panicles of 10 to 20 small yellow composite flowers each about 1/3-inch across, with 10 to 25 flat, yellow, 5-toothed ray florets; stamens with dark anther tube.
Bloom Period: Spring and summer.
References: SEINet and "Vascular Plants of Williamson County" by A.C. Gibson.
Notes: Thanks to J.B. Sherrick for pointing out an error in identification.
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