Hypochaeris glabra [Asteraceae]

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Scientific Name Hypochaeris glabra USDA PLANTS Symbol HYGL2
Common Name Smooth Cat's-ear ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 37792
Family Asteraceae (Sunflower) SEINet
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Description Habitat: Usually sandy soils in disturbed areas, grassland, open woodland.
Plant: Erect annual with single or many stems, 5 to 20 inches tall, smooth, may be branched.
Leaves: Basal with oblanceolate to oblong blades, 1 to 4 inches long, edges smooth, toothed or pinnately-lobed; faces usually smooth, sometimes slightly hairy on veins.
Inflorescence: Single or 2 to 3 in loose arrays; narrow, bell-shaped involucres with 18 to 20 smooth, lance-shape phyllaries with brownish-reddish points; 20 to 40 small ray florets (petals), yellow, or may be white, up to 1/3-inch long.
Bloom Period: February to June, or later.
References: Flora of North America.
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