Buddleja marrubiifolia [Buddlejaceae]

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Scientific Name Buddleja marrubiifolia USDA PLANTS Symbol BUMA
Common Name Woolly Butterfly-bush ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 29916
Family Buddlejaceae (Butterfly-bush) SEINet
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Description Habitat: Desert environments; limestone soils in brushy areas on hillsides and ledges, in canyons and washes.
Plant: Erect much-branched shrub up to 5 ft tall, spreading or compact; woody stems, younger covered with fine hairs.
Leaves: Opposite pairs of oval to nearly round or rhombic leaves up to 2 inches long and 1 inch wide on short petioles; edges crenate; surfaces densely covered with woolly hairs.
Inflorescence: Dense round heads, about 1/2 inch across, of many small blossoms surrounded by dense, woolly hairs; corolla tubes about 1/8-inch long flaring open into 4 small recurved lobes; corolla initially yellow becoming orange late in the season.
Bloom Period: March to August.
References: "Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas" by Correll and Johnston and "Little Big Bend" by Roy Morey.
Note: Images below taken in late October, well-past blooming time, probably owing to recent rains.
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