Anulocaulis eriosolenus [Nyctaginaceae]

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Scientific Name Anulocaulis eriosolenus USDA PLANTS Symbol
Common Name Big Bend Ringstem ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.
Family Nyctaginaceae (Four O'clock) SEINet
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Description Habitat: Sandy, gravelly calcareous silty or gypsum soils; 2000 to 4000 ft.
Plant: Annual or short-lived perennial (or biennial) from less than 1 foot to over 5 feet tall with stout stems branched low and growing erect or spreading; stems are hairless with conspicuous sticky bands between the nodes.
Leaves: Mostly basal or growing low on the stems, thick, dark green leaves are opposite on stout petioles 3/8 to 1-5/8 inches long; large blades are orbicular-oval to ovate, 1 to 4 inches long and 3/4 to 2-3/4 inches wide; bases are cordate and the tips are rounded.
Inflorescence: Sinle or pairs of flowers on long, leafless branches, each about 1/2-inch across with a pink to magenta perianth with 5 lobes (petals) with darks streaks where they meet; 5 protruding dark pink stamens and yellowish-tan anthers.
Bloom Period: May to October.
References: "Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas" by Correll and Johnston, "Wildflowers of Texas" by Michael Eason and Flora of North America.
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