A Collection of Texas Wildflower
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Leaf Attachment

This page is taken from the Northern Ontario Plant Database website.


- the point of leaf attachment to a stem.
Internode - the region of the stem between leaves.
Connate-perfoliate - with bases of opposite leaves fused around the stem, which appear to go through the leaf.
Perfoliate - with the bases of a single leaf fused around the stem, which appear to go through the leaf blade.
Clasping (or amplexicaul) - a sessile leaf with free bases partly or entirely surrounding the stem.
Sessile - a leaf whose blade is attached directly to the stem, lacking a petiole.
Petiolate - a leaf attached to the stem by a petiole.
Sheathing - with a tubular portion of the leaf blade surrounding the stem below the base.
Decurrent - with leaf blade extended downward along the stem, forming vertical lines along the stem.
Ochreate - with stipules forming a thin tube around the stem above petiole.

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Banner photo: Bluebonnets near Llano, taken by Rick Capozza